Last night we had a wonderful visit with our dear friends, Rick and Gail Foster.  Gail came with a precious gift…angel food cake. It was so nice to have some dessert last night and it tasted great.  I look forward to having more today.

Yesterday was a great day with continued signs of improvement.  I was able to eat food for the first time in over one month.  I was a little nervous at first, but everything settled great and nothing upset my stomach.  Dr. Berdejas as just in doing his rounds and if all continues to go well, I should advance to a stage 4 diet over the weekend.  I know it seems trivial, but yesterday I was able to eat a potato, english muffin, apple sauce, angel food cake, and graham crackers.  It felt so good to chew something besides jello.

It is amazing what we take for granted in life, but this last month has helped me realize some things are day-by-day and patience is very important in things (stomachs or whatever) that need to be restored.  I am so quick to want to just “fix” the problems of life, but not all situations can receive a quick fix.  Isn’t it cool how the Lord can do transforming work even through a month long liquid diet?  The first couple weeks of being on no liquids or limited liquids was very frustrating, but the last few weeks of the liquid diet didn’t bother me and I realized I could not rush the healing of the intestines.  I praise the Lord that I am now able to eat and that I am responding so well.